Is there a way to copy a content folder directly from the CMS?


It is in our interest to provide CMS access to content editors so they can create and manage new content pages for our site.

Most of the pages they create have similar structure and use the same document types.

Is there any way in which they could create content folder duplicates or copies and change their names directly in the CMS? We know this is can be easily done through the CMS console, but giving access to the CMS console to content editors is potentially risky as it requires more expertise and additional care so users don’t break something (or everything).

As you can see in the attached image, the context menu for a folder does not have an option to “copy” or duplicate it.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 9.21.06 AM

Thanks in advance.

you could try:

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Hi jmrodriguez,

In addition to the reply from Marijan, you may also find value in Experience Pages.

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