Creating submenu in Hippo

Hello, I am very new to Hippo.
I am trying to create a submenu.
I have created a submenu from edit menu in Hippo CMS channels.
But, i am not able to get that submenu on selecting the parent or on hovering the parent.
After doing some research, i found that childMenuItems will have submenus, i tried to edit base-top-menu.tfl to below

<#if menu??>
<#if menu.siteMenuItems??>

<@hst.cmseditmenu menu=menu/>

But, nothing is happening.

Can you please help me.

Please use preformatted text blocks for code/template examples.

I assume the snippet you posted isn’t your whole ftl. In the ftl you are working off there are 4 cases. There is

<#if !item.hstLink?? && !item.externalLink??>
And within that and its else
<#if item.selected || item.expanded>
Which also has an else. So you need to expand the child item in 4 places, or in 2 places in case only for selected.