Failed to load menu in Channel Manager

Hi community,

We’re currently facing an issue where we get the error “Failed to load menu” when trying to edit a sitemenu in Channel Manager. This issue only arises when we add a certain custom container component to the page. We can see that when this component is present, the XHR to …/site/_rp/15a77a77-3c95-415f-93fe-5e0931ec4815./ returns a 500 server error ({“success”:false,“message”:null,“errorCode”:null,“data”:[]}) instead of the usual 200 {“success”:true,“message”:“Menu item loaded successfully”,“errorCode”:null,“data”:{"…"}}. We don’t see anything in the logs nor does the request seem to be changed.

EDIT: The problem seems to occur, because our component makes a XHR to one of our REST services {…}site/_cmsinternal/restservices{…} . When I change the URL so the XHR calls {…}site/restservices{…} instead, the sitemenu edit does work. (In both XHR our own data successfully gets returned)

Any ideas on how to debug this situation? What are the consequences of removing _cmsinternal for Hippo REST url’s?

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