Customize Perspective scroll page problem

Hello everyone! i got a question.
i have created my own perspective inside CMS, but it seems my page cannot be scroll horizontally nor vertically. So, if my page content was to big, there are no ways for me to scroll it down to see all the content. is there any configuration inside the Hippo CMS or code in my HTML or Java to enable this?

thank you in advance!

For perspectives, scroll is controlled by YUI framework and you need to extend from PanelPluginPerspective , configuration should be something like:


jcr:primaryType: frontend:plugin
plugin.class: MyCustomPerspective
jcr:primaryType: frontend:pluginconfig
center: id=custom-perspective-center,body=custom-perspective-center-body,scroll=true,resize=true
linked.with.parent: true custom-perspective-wrapper
top: id=custom-perspective-top,body=custom-perspective-top-body,height=40

Hi! thank you for replying!

i have tried it out but it seems it still didn’t show the scrollbar. my custom perspective name is injectionPerspective, the apppath is injection-perspective, and this is the snippet of the layout.wireframe in CMS console. did i do something wrong?

here is an example how your class/markup should look like:

I omitted CSS/properties files.

i have tried according to your code, it return this in my perspective instead:
[Warning: Property for ‘panel-plugin-panel-title’ not found]

do you know what could be causing this?


i manage to let it run, but it seems the always cause me a server error says it’s undefine or something. do you know how to fix this? i tried throwing away the tag and it works, but still no scrollbar appear.

You need a properties file (your java class with following things


Make sure file is actually deployed in your jar (check maven resource filtering ), normally that is next error people get./run into.

how call the .properties file from my customize i have created the .properties file but it seems the problem are still there (still showing [Warning: Property for ‘panel-plugin-panel-title’ not found]). and now my side navigation bar cannot be clicked. i need to click the “go to content” first then the side bar is working. could you guide me on how to do it in details please? sorry i am not really that good with CMS yet.

see my previous reply. There is nothing else to add.

i have succeed on putting the .properties file and the error is gone. thanks for the help !
i got one more question though. since everything is ok already, how should i populate the perspective page? should i put the HTML code inside the span tag? so far, i only see the word “Custom”, which i get from the .properties file.

Span tag is used for labels only (wicket Label class). You can put any elements in there. You can checkout our CMS code to see some examples or check Apache Wicket examples.