IFrame Perspective Plugin configure Title and Icon

I have integrated the IFrame Perspective Plugin successfully into my project and I can specify the source for the iframe but if I want to change the title or the Icon the problems begin.

If I create the title like in the documentation with “perspective.title: xxx” I’m getting the error "[Warning: Property for ‘xxx’ not found] in hippo CMS.

How to implement a custom Icon is even more confusing to me, because the documentation only states that you can use a custom prefix for an image, but then Hippo fails to load the ressource because it’s searching in the maven dependency for my custom icon? Is it somehow possible to change the path where hippo is searching?

To sum it up I am a little bit confused how to customize the IFrame Perspective Plugin and the documentation isn’t helping me.

I’m grateful for all advice and help - thanks!

Hi Rene,

I just found out that the documentation was outdated regarding the title setting. So, I’ve updated the documentation here:

Thanks for the report.



Hi Woonsan,

thanks for the reply but sadly I still get the following error:
Property perspective.title on perspective configuration of perspective class org.onehippo.forge.iframeprspectiv.GenericIFramePerspective is deprecated

As always thanks for all help!

Hello rene,

In the console under /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms/cms-static you should have the configuration for the iframe perspective make sure that you remove the property perspective.title this should resolve your error.

Kind regards

Hi Rene,

That’s a warning, not error. It works fine with the title you’ve configured even with the warning, right?
I have some points to make in that case:

  • Since Hippo CMS v11, it turns out (from commit log for https://issues.onehippo.com/browse/CMS-9608) that the Java resource bundle key customization through “perspective.title” property has been deprecated, preferring a predefined resource bundle key, “perspective-title”. That’s why you see the ‘warning’ log even if it’s still working fine right now in v12.x.

      "Property perspective.title on perspective configuration of perspective class ..., just use key 'perspective-title' in the perspective's java resource bundle"
  • If you CMS web application contains only one IFrame perspective plugin configuration, then you can simply remove the deprecated “perspective.title” and define a resource bundle value (e.g. “My IFrame”) with the predefined key, “perspective-title” in the shadowed resource bundle file.

  • The above approach, however, could have a problem when you need to define more than one IFrame perspective plugins as the resource bundle properties file is shared and so you cannot define different values by the same key. In that case, I’d recommend to use the “deprecated” configuration, “perspective.title”, for now even if there’s a warning, which is totally harmless.

I’ll think about how to improve the situation later.