Debugging with Intellij

Hi all

I am using to develop Visual Studio code but I would like to start using IntelliJ because gives me better tools.

My problem is when I debug because if I set a breakpoint when my code reaches it I can´t navigate in the site/console until I release the break point.

For example:

I have an scheduler executing every 2 minutes reading from a EventHub. When the scheduler reads the message my breakpoint activate.

When I am using Visual Studio Code, my next step is going to console a deactivate the scheduler unchecking the tip and saving. This way I avoid new messages arrives while I am debugging.

Well, when I am using Intellij when the breakpoint activate I am not able to operate with the console. It´s freeze, can´t save, can´t reload, can´t load.

Is there a special configuration in Intellij to do the same that Visual Studio Code.

PD I have checked the tips
Allow parallel run in the attach debug

Allow multiples instances in


With No success :frowning:

Any idea?

Hello, can you access the Debug tab once a breakpoint is hit? There you can mute breakpoints etc.

If you right click on your breakpoint, there is an option there to suspend either all or only thread. I think that may be what you are looking for. You can also add conditions here so your breakpoint only triggers when some expression evaluates to true.

you need to restart the debug session after this (and also adjust all of the existing breakpoints). There is an issue in Intellij tracker to have a setting for this, and it is still not fixed (after almost 20 years)…develop with pleasure

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It works!!!

Thanks. I didn´t know this option in Intellij


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