IntelliJ Comm - Unable to open debugger port (localhost:8000): "handshake failed

Error running ‘BloomReach’: Unable to open debugger port (localhost:8000): “handshake failed - unrecognized message from target VM”

I’m setting up a new instance of IntelliJ on my VDI and trying to debug a BR Component and it isn’t able to connect to the server to debug.

Settings are:

running on Windows

Are you sure you didn’t have something else running on port 8000? Try changing to a different port for debugging.

In intelij, on the right hand side upper corner, you will find “add configuration”.
Click on that, one popup will open.
Click on “+” symbol and select “remote”. You can update the name and update the “port” to “8000” and click ok.
Now you can enable the debug mode.