IntelliJ Comm - Unable to open debugger port (localhost:8000): "handshake failed

Error running ‘BloomReach’: Unable to open debugger port (localhost:8000): “handshake failed - unrecognized message from target VM”

I’m setting up a new instance of IntelliJ on my VDI and trying to debug a BR Component and it isn’t able to connect to the server to debug.

Settings are:

running on Windows

Are you sure you didn’t have something else running on port 8000? Try changing to a different port for debugging.

In intelij, on the right hand side upper corner, you will find “add configuration”.
Click on that, one popup will open.
Click on “+” symbol and select “remote”. You can update the name and update the “port” to “8000” and click ok.
Now you can enable the debug mode.

You can check this link too may be useful ( Unable to open debugger port -