Delivery Tier Authentication when deployed as ROOT

Hi there,

We’re using v12.3.0. The application is deployed as ROOT [1] and our virtual host setup is as follows:

  - localhost
    - hst:root
      - web
        - travel  <-- hst:mountpoint here

The result is that we access our site at http://localhost:8080/web/travel (locally), instead of the default http://localhost:8080/site

This has been working well so far, but I now have a requirement to protect some site pages, so I confirmed the Delivery Tier Authentication Configuration [2] default login configuration (it was already set up as documented) and set up http login. When however trying to access http://localhost:8080/web/travel/login/form I get a “Page not found” error.


I have tried various variations of that URL, without success. What would the correct URL be in my instance?

I have followed the exact process on a vanilla installation, using /site, and then it works as expected and I see the default login page.

I also notice that when I protect a sitemap item [3] with hst:authenticated, going to that page in the browser momentarily shows the “Auhentication required” screen, then forwards to http://localhost:8080/login/form without the context path. That also returns a “Page not found” error page.

What am I missing?