Package the Delivery Application as ROOT.war error


I am trying to package the delivery application as root but I am getting below error with a blank screen:

[TemplateLoadingCache.getRepositoryTemplate:113] No jcr node or property found at ‘/webfiles/freemarker/home.ftl’. Cannot return freemarker template.

I followed all steps from the below links:

I am using a Hippo 13.1 version.

Any help would be much appreciated.



we no longer support deploying the site as ROOT in 13. See the release notes [1].
The documentation you reference is for v12.



So we need to have /site as context path and use Apache setting to remove /site?

correct. Perhaps this page may help:

Thank you. Will give a try.

Thanks, it worked. I was able remove the site. But, how to remove the port number from the cms?

Like from to ?