Different component order in live and preview configuration v14


when i’m creating a new page in experience-manager from my prototype pages that consists of 10 hst:containercomponent with hst: xtype = hst.vbox and then add some components to these containers (click Publish), the preview configuration is different from the live configuration of the page. This is also visible in the console (images below). Has anyone run into the same problem?
I also tried in previous version (v12) with similar effect.


Although in general the order of containers does not matter (in
general only container items their order matter since containers are
referenced explicitly typically in freemarker templates or in
angular/react in case of an SPA), it is quite awkward. Though I do
think I have seen this in the past and even vaguely remember I have
fixed something in that area (a looooong time ago). Check, I found the
issue after writing this, see [1]. It should have been fixed a long
time ago

Which version are you on? Can you reproduce it with a project from the

Regards Ard

[1] https://issues.onehippo.com/browse/HSTTWO-3855

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thanks for your reply. Issue that you presented looks very similar to my problem.

  • first of all I built project with maven archetypeVersion=14.1.0
  • then i’ve installed essentials plugins: simple-content and banner.
  • then i’ve changed default implementation of hst:prototypepages->custompage in hst:configuration -> myproject
    to something like this (image below).
    template rendering main container contains
    <#list hstResponseChildContentNames as childContentName>
    <@hst.include ref="${childContentName}"/>
  • then in experience manager I created testpage using prototypepage contentpage.
    Next steps are described in the main post.

Regards Matthew