Dynamic Component Exceptions in V14.5.1

Hello All,

We have created dynamic component in local and trying to deploy the same in Testing environment. But it throws below exception.

Please note we are able to render the same component in local environment.
When we tried deploying in testing environment, cms, console and site throws 503 and are not accessible.

Exception details:
org.onehippo.cm.engine.ConfigurationRuntimeException: Failed to set primary type ‘hst:componentdefinition’ in path ‘/hst:hst/hst:configurations/example-common/hst:catalog/example-common-catalog/Hero’ defined in [core/brxp/brxp/brxp-repository-data-application [config: hst/configurations/example-common/catalog.yaml]]: no matching property definition found for {http://www.jcp.org/jcr/1.0}uuid

Caused by: javax.jcr.nodetype.ConstraintViolationException: no matching property definition found for {http://www.jcp.org/jcr/1.0}uuid
at org.apache.jackrabbit.core.nodetype.EffectiveNodeType.getApplicablePropertyDef(EffectiveNodeType.java:782) ~[jackrabbit-core-2.20.2-h1.jar:2.20.2-h1]

31.05.2021 06:44:48 ERROR http-nio-8080-exec-10 [HstFilter.doFilter:47] The HST Container Services are not initialized yet.
change events from this session for auto-export
31.05.2021 06:44:38 ERROR localhost-startStop-1 [RepositoryServlet.init:249] Error while setting up JCR repository:
javax.jcr.RepositoryException: unchecked exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException: Pending changes at this moment not allowed


Hi Yeshwanth,
Not sure why jcr:uuid is not recognized on bootstrapping the test env. Maybe a HCM module dependency issue, please check if hcm-module.yaml has group: after: hippo-cms. Otherwise just remove the jcr:uuid from the yamls, these are not necessary and normally filtered out.

Hello Jeroen,

hcm-module.yaml file in repository-data\application has group: after: hippo-cms .
there is no property or node defined with jcr:uuid in our catalog.yaml files as well.
I have validated BRE archetype version, which doesn’t contain any defined dependency related to hcm module.