EForms - From Email Address Issue

Hi there, we have implemented EForms, and we are getting a weird error.

We see this in the logs
DEBUG SMTP: got response code 500, with response: 500 5.0.0 Envelope From Address test-node-change@example.com not authorised - go to: https://www.authsmtp.com/login/add-from

However we have changed the yaml file : repository-data\site\src\main\resources\hcm-config\hst\configurations\default\catalog.yaml

And configured the value correctly, and it works when we create some forms, but for an old form it still uses the old value.

This is really worry and we can see in the console that the defaults are set correctly.

So out question is, if we have set all of this why o why does it still pick up the old value. Is it stored somewhere at the form instance level???


Hi John,

changing catalog entry doesn’t affect existing entries unfortunately.

Anything that is created with previous catalog setup will stay “as is” and you either need to re-insert components so new config is applied or write an updater script (groovy) to change the old data.

Ok that make sense. Good thing is that we went live with the correct catalogue entry!