Confirmation Email on Enterprise form

I want to send the confirmation email to the provided email address in enterprise form. But I am not receiving the confirmation email.
I have added the below properties as per the reference of

I have configured the ConfirmationPlugin at eform component java class.
Also tried by adding the property eforms:confirmationenablesending to get the Send Email checkbox, but checkbox also not showing in the form.

Can you please suggest some solution?

Thanks and Regards,

Have you configured a mail session?

Thanks for the response Jasper.
I am getting the Confirmation email. Actually, I was missing re-adding the behaviors property at hst component.
But now I am having issue as I am getting confirmation email with form data except file attachment. Can you please suggest something?


I think you also asked this in another thread. From that I see that you are using windows. I wonder if that isn’t the problem. In the code I see:


But windows uses \ as a path separator. So you would end with a path like “C:\some\path\to\a\directory/”. I don’t work on windows so I can’t test this currently. I would expect an error (IOException) in your logs, could you check that? If so then this is at best a missing feature, but could be considered a bug. If you intend to run this on a linux/unix server in production it may not end up being a problem, but very annoying in development. If you confirm this please raise an issue in JIRA.

Hello Jasper, I am getting the file attachment in the file system as per the particular path.
But as per the Confirmation email functionality, I am not getting the file attachment to the specified email for Confirmation email.
For example, if I am uploading a file in the form, it should be sent as an attachment to the Confirmation email.
In the confirmation email, it is sending the form data but it is without file attachment.


I think you can only do either save to flle or send as email. In any case, locally I can make it work.

Thanks for the response Jasper.
I am getting the file attachment either on File System or through email.
I was expecting to have it on both email and file system.

The code doesn’t forbid it, but the same component parameter controls it. So it can be one or the other. Duplicating the component parameter won’t work, because the code assumes only one value.