Enabling week number in CalendarDate field type

Hi Bloomreach Community and Jasper,

We want to enable the week number in the CalendarDate field. We dug around a bit and saw that the calender popup/widget used the YAHOO yui calender widget. In it, we saw that it was possible to enable the week number by setting SHOW_WEEK_FOOTER or SHOW_WEEK_HEADER to true on their documentation.

So we were wondering how we could enable or pass these two configurations via the editor template of a field of type CalendarDate.

The simple answer is you can’t. While it is the yui calendar widget, there is also wicket and brxm in between. There is simply no mechanism to pass this parameter.

The more complex answer is, you’d have to adjust the picker classes that handle this. While it is probably possible to do this, this would represent an unsupported extension. Meaning if it breaks we can’t help you. It is likely not too complicated to do this, but if you are not familiar with wicket and how we use it then it might be challenging. I would not recommend.

How much is it worth to you to have this?

You could try to raise a formal support ticket to get this added. I can’t make any promises on whether this would be picked up or any timeline on implementation.

Hi Jasper, thank you for the reply.

Indeed, this feature would help our editors greatly and reduce possibility of misconfiguration.
So it would be great if you could help us open a formal support ticket. Thank you!