Enterprise forms in SPA (React)


I’m trying to get Enterprise forms to work in a React app using the BR React SDK. A colleague has prepared a Bloomreach setup with a couple of example forms, and I have succesfully connected my React code to it.

I can retrieve the form info including the action and the title, and I see that my form contains a page. I can retrieve the page content, and I see that it contains an array fieldBeans, which I assume are the fields or field groups for this page. What I can’t figure out is how to go one step deeper and retrieve the data for the fieldBeans. The array only contains uuid's, so no $ref as I would expext.

I have tried a bunch of methods (anything I could find here: @bloomreach/spa-sdk - npm) including getComponentById(), but all I get is undefined.

I’m just getting started with Bloomreach so I expect I’m just missing something obvious. Any help is greatly appreciated.