Error while customising CMS login page

Hello Everyone,

When I am trying to customize CMS login page it is giving me an error as below,
org.apache.wicket.WicketRuntimeException: Exception in rendering component: [HtmlHeaderContainer [Component id = header]].

I am following this documentation and using Bloomreach archtype project of v15.0.0.

For more clarity please see the screenshot below,

@jeroen.hoffman @jasper.floor Could you please help us in resolving the above issue.

Is this still a problem for you?

Wicket exceptions tend to be very long; there’s not much to go on here, HtmlHeaderContainer is a Wicket class. Can you see more details than this?

Regards, Jeroen

Actually I just now remember that on a 15 implementation it was necessary to repeat the wicket:head in the HTML override file:

<html xmlns:wicket="">
    <title wicket:id="pageTitle">[ Login ]</title>
    <link wicket:id="faviconLink" rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png"/>
      ... extension here ...

Thank you @jeroen.hoffman for your reply!!

When I tried adding wicket:head I am still getting an exception but this time it is a different

Please see final DefaultLoginPluign.html file after your suggestion

Hmm okay not sure what happens, apparently that was not a solution for you…
Maybe revert and look at more details of the original exception? Or, if you have a Java class extending DefaultLoginPlugin then the HTML should have the same package and name. And, there’s no <body> element in that project that I know.

Thank you so much @jeroen.hoffman

It worked after removing a tag.