Experience manager not updating the element while saving the document

Hello there! I am experiencing an issue while updating a document having content block with a compound type in the Experience Manager.

Within these documents, there are fields containing dropdown selects, background images picker in this compound. When I attempt to change the selections or image in the document via experience manager and save it, the Experience Manager shows the changes accordingly.
However, when we try to update the same field or another field and click save, it doesn’t update in the Experience Manager with the latest changes. Additionally, an exception is thrown in the console . The screenshot is attached below

Can someone support for this issue?

Does this only happen with the content blocks fields?
What are you using to render your frontend?

@Nicholas_Pavao Yes, its happening only for the content blocks. And we are using Vuejs(2.6.14) with the nuxt(2.15.8) framework for the frontend.