Facing problem in add new property hst:referencecomponent

hi friends initially i added a new property called hst:referencecomponent and some value, for the second time i need to add another value to same hst:referencecomponent property. Beginning i din’t check multiple value option so i deleted previously added hst:referencecomponent property and trying to add hst:referencecomponent property again with multiple value i am getting error. error is showed in attached image. What is the solution to solve this??

guys problem is with multi value check box, if i check that check box getting error otherwise for single value it is working fine

help me friends how to add multi values to a property

The property hst:referencecomponent can not be multiple value property. Because logically, one component can only have single reference component.

thank you for your reply


How do we add multiple dobeforerender method then? I want a ftl to show a site form first after filling and submitting, I want to show the details on the same UI of what has been written in the form to cross verify. Is it possible using one component and one ftl file?