Generate Embed Code, Any recommended tool to replace

We hosted our slideshares on
and took the embed code from that site and posted it into Hippo which allowed the user to click through the slides. is no longer functioning properly so we can’t do that anymore, we can only post slideshares as PDFs, so the user scrolls top to bottom.

Any Bloomreach plugin or recommended third-party tool to replace

It’s not very Hippo related, no? Any service that allows embedding would do, you just need to find one that is good enough for you:

Just out of curiosity, what exactly is “no longer functioning properly” now with

Checking if Hippo has any such ability in built or through some plugins. Because I want some tool which requires to generate embed code through hippo, or some external tool which generates embed code.

Also wanted to know if anyone has posted slideshares on their websites and how are they doing it.

Slideshare is no longer working to generate embed code.

I see “Embed” button, which gives iframe sources, on my slide here:

Can you not use the iframe embed source?

Please see the attached screenshot, this is the issue

Check this and get consulted by them:

Is there any alternate tool instead of slideshare

See @machak’s reply sent earlier.