Best video hosting platform

Can anyone tell me which is the best platform to host videos within hippo/Bloomreach?

Right now we have the videos on YOUTUBE but we would like to look at other possibilities.

Hosting on YouTube is just fine. You can simply use String URLs to link the videos.

There is no single “best” video hosting platform for the CMS. You can integrate with any video hosting platform you prefer.

If you’d like your content editors to see the videos in the remote platform without having to leave the CMS, you can utilize Open UI.

Hi there, Bloomreach has support for images and assets (downloads etc) but we don’t really recommend to store videos within the Bloomreach repository. If you have videos on Youtube than add a field with the video ID to the document. You could also use a dedicated DAM (Digital Asset Management) service like Bynder, and if really needed build an OpenUI integration with Bynder to be able to search for and link a video to a document.

thank you very much for the answer, currently we have the videos hosted on YOUTUBE and using the youtube ID we play our videos on our website. It turns out that YOUTUBE does not give the possibility to “hide/delete” the related/suggested videos that come out at the end of the video and that makes us not like it and we are considering changing platform.

We use The main reason is legal related. We want to have the content on our site outside the US. I don’t know if it is “the best” but it suits our needs :wink:
And it doesn’t give you “advice” on which video you want to see next.