Getting error in providing access to users

Hello friends,

I created a couple of users and a group, made those users members of the group.
when i give membership of hippodocuments security domain to the group users can able to logging in otherwise its showing “Access to this application is not allowed for this user.”

I followed the below two links procedure to create security domain then also getting same error please help me any settings need to do or may i follow other procedure ??

and i saw groovy script what is that exactly and how to use that groovy script ?? Is it helpful for my question??


Access to the cms is determined by rights on /content/documents [1]. This is configurable.

Groovy scripts are scripts written in the Groovy language. Within the CMS they can be run from the “admin”->“updater editor” panel. [2]. Be careful with this, it’s easy to fix things here, but also easy to break things.


Hi jasper thank you for your reply

what values should i give to properties frontend:privileges and frontend:privileges.path to configure them and following two links are showing error what can i do??

Perhaps you should explain what you are trying to achieve with these groups. That way we can give you an answer more suited to your use case.

group users can have access to specific folder only as author role and editor role both. Other than specific folder they should not view any folders.

please help me jasper i am struggling a lot to achieve this.

In order to have access to a node, you also need access to the parent node. So if you want to grant access to:


then you also need access to /content, /content/documents, /content/documents/myhippoproject, and /content/documents/myhippoproject/folder.

The first link you posted already contains an example of how you would do this. Most likely you missed a step here, but it isn’t quite that easy to see what without access to your project.

You could share the configuration you added here, or you could file a formal support request if you have a support licence.