Access to this application is not allowed for this user

hi friends i created a user and group, added the user to group. In CMS/CONSOLE settings created Domain and added domain rule and facet rules as shown in the below image

Then logged in into cms as admin, for faq-author domain i added faq-authors group as author role and for defaultwrite domain added faq-authors group as readwrite role as shown in below image

now every setting is done as per i know but getting Access to this application is not allowed for this user error


tell me friends did i missed any settings or did any wrong settings or need to do any other settings

And i verified by doing the following settings also but no use

  • Select the node /hippo:configuration/hippo:frontend/cms
  • Change the value of the property privileges from hippo:author to jcr:read and jcr:path also tried

A user need access to /content/documents to be able to login. You will need to expand the privileges. Simplest would be to give faq-authors the author role on hippodocuments.

hello jasper.floor thank you for your quick replay

If i give faq-author the author role on hippodocuments i am able to login its fine, but the logged in user is seeing all the folders and documents i don’t want this. User can only see faq folder as i shown in first image above in facet rule value i e /content/documents/devepragaticms/myap-common-pages/faq. what would be the settings ???

reply soon i will be waiting thank you

What you need is a rule that allows access to /content/documents. Trivially, you could use a jcr:path /content/documents. That won’t work unless you also give access to /content/. The hippodocuments rule gives access to all nodes of type hippo:document (which a folder is a subtype of).

Also, once you have access to node, you will have access to it’s children unless you explicitly remove that access.

see this link jasper without giving role on hippodocuments permission on folders is granted i am asking the same