Getting feedback from community

Dear bloomreach folks,

as part of community enablement, would it be possible to let community suggest new features for cms?
In such a way that community members can influence the list by upvoting or downvoting features/improvements of other community members. When certain feature gets enough votes it would be great to see update from bloomreach if that is going to be part of the next release or any release. This way it would be possible to see both quantitative and qualitative effect of the list.

Would not that be good idea?


we have/use JIRA for this, all issues created there are reviewed and considered by product owners. I don;'t see added value by creating yet another channel for this.

Hi Ilja,

I can’t make any promises, but I’ve highlighted you’re suggestion with our product management. They are looking into the idea. The obvious issue is that they already have ideas to keep us busy until the end of the century ;). In any case I expect they are monitoring the forum so it can’t hurt to make suggestions here.

Hi Marjan, hi Jasper,

the first option as Marjan suggested has been default for many many years now. To be honest I did not expect another answer. That is why I have brought up this point again. Projectwise I can work around cms limitations myself. When I am submitting an issue I am hoping that it might be useful to others, but there is no way to see the feedback currently. If bloomreach is looking for the ways to engage community that would be one of the options. Will see where this goes.

fijn weekend,