Headless CMS, Discovery, Customer Data Platform specific fingerprints

Hey there, сould you tell me what specific fingerprints I can use to determine if a website is using one of the Bloomreach products.
I need this for an open source project
The project itself scans the website and determines what technologies the website is built on.
A project similar to this. https://builtwith.com/ , https://www.similartech.com/

for cms you could check for binary links (/binaries/ or webfiles), similar to:

nothing else as far as I know…

Hey thanks : ) , I was just there and sent the latest PR with an update to Bloomreach products
https://github.com/AliasIO/wappalyzer/pull/5599/files Here is my commit that removes fall positive results for the Search & Merchandising product
I would like to ask here
1 ) if anyone knows how to detect Bloomreach Customer Data Platform
2) Is everything okay with the Bloomreach CMS now
3) Is everything okay with the Bloomreach Search & Merchandising now according last update
Do you know if Bloomreach developers themselves are here?If so, how can I invite them to the thread?