Hints for your document type fields gone after upgrade to brXM 13.2

Does anyone got the same issue we experienced after upgrading to brMX 13.2 that the document type field hints are gone?
I read at the release notes on brXM 13.1 that now hints are also available on component editor fields, maybee something general changed?!

On a clean project the hints are still there. What version did you upgrade from?

We graded up from 12.6.2 (over 13.0 to 13.1. to 13.2)

I would expect there are errors, either in your cms log or in the console. Can you check that?

I haven’t heard of this behavior with other projects, but maybe someone else has and will chime in.

Hi Jasper,
as it turned out… we in fact had a special treatment on the hints, which nobody recalled and caused this problem. After we got rid of this special treatment, the hints were shown :slight_smile:
Thanx for your time.

Well, that happens ;). Thanks for letting us know.