Problem with Document Type fields 'missing'

We are currently running version 12.6.3 of Hippo.

We have a document type called News which was previously only populated by an API importer. As part of a recent change, News documents will also be created manually. Our tester noticed that, after adding the new hippostd:foldertype, that when you tried to add a new news document, the ability to name it was missing:

I discovered it was because the document type appeared to have no fields:

However, if you click ‘Edit’ most of the fields appear, apart from one:

If you click ‘Done’ you see the field missing still:

If you then select ‘Type actions’, ‘Commit’, the field appears and everything appears OK! News documents can then be created.

This was fine for testing, however this is not a viable option for releasing to production as the editing of document types is only available to the admin user, which is disabled on production. It appears from my testing that there is something updated in the repo that fixes this, but I can’t see what. Can anyone point me in the direction of what is updated? If the code changes are deployed with the repo.bootstrap=full (it is usually set to true) this also resolves the issues, but obviously this is not recommended on production environments: Bootstrapping - Bloomreach Experience Manager - The Fast and Flexible Headless CMS

Any advice would be gratefully received.

First error is probably related to wrong query/missing folder (type) properties, see:

Second one looks like document changes are not committed and you have some strange draft version which needs to be fixed/committed.
Bootstrapping is enabled by default on our cloud platform and it actually should be used for configuration changes. I am not sure where you got the information that it is not recommended on production environments:
(or do you mean content bootstrapping?)

Note: the default and recommended is repo.bootstrap = true not full as Katie correctly mentions. Though with true it should pick up namespace changes.

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The first issue is related the the doc type not having any fields as once it’s fixed the template query works fine.

We don’t use Bloomreach’s cloud hosting as we have our own cloud infrastructure and pipeline for deploying code changes. We have the bootstrapping set to true. The News doc type being blank gets fixed if you set it to full so it can’t be an issue with there being any draft version of the namespace.

We can change the repo.bootstrap on a test environment (as I have to investigate) but clearly don’t want to on a production environment. However, it seems to be the only way I can see to resolve the issue without enabling the admin account on production - something else we wish to avoid!

Hello Katie,

if I understood correctly you performed the Edit/Commit actions for the News document type on test (which is a running instance)? Such actions shouldn’t be performed other than during development.

How does the News document look and behave when you run your project locally? Can you see any changes in your version control for its yaml file if you perform Edit/Commit operations ?

Also, maybe it is worth exporting from console (test and prod) the yaml for the news document type and compare it with your local to see if and which are the differences.

Best regards,

Hi Lef,

The code changes were made locally where, running using cargo, everything is working fine. Editing the News doc type is moot there as it appears fine, although we do not have a copy of the repo as it is too large.

I’ve checked the News doc type yaml between local and the test environment and there are no differences. We do not have the console available on production. If we did, we’d not be able to access it as the only account able to is admin, which is disabled.

Kind reagrds,