Hippo Content Export / Import

I cloned the source from github here -> https://github.com/bloomreach-forge/content-export-import
When trying to build the demo project I get the following error:

Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-remote-resources-plugin:1.5:process (default) on project content-exim-demo-cms-dependencies: Failed to resolve dependencies for one or more projects in the reactor.

This relates to

  • org.onehippo.forge.content-exim:content-exim-core:jar:3.0.2-SNAPSHOT
  • org.onehippo.forge.content-exim:content-exim-repository-jaxrs:jar:3.0.2-SNAPSHOT
  • org.onehippo.forge.content-exim:content-exim-updater-examples:jar:3.0.2-SNAPSHOT


As you’re building the develop branch (*-SNAPSHOT), you should build/install the addon module itself first:

mvn clean install
cd demo
mvn clean verify && mvn -Pcargo.run

Or you may build/run the demo from the release/tag, v3.0.1, if you’re not going to debug/develop:

git checkout tags/3.0.1 -b tag-3.01
cd demo
mvn clean verify && mvn -Pcargo.run


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