Which version of content-export-import when upgrading

Looking at the instructions for EXIM at https://onehippo-forge.github.io/content-export-import/install.html I am getting

'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.onehippo.forge.content-exim:content-exim-core:jar must be a valid version but is '${forge.content-exim.version}'

I have the maven2-forge dependency in the list of repositories. In the past (v11.2.3) I declared forge.content-exim.version=1.3.3 to make it work. Now I am in the process of several upgrades and I don’t know which version of EXIM to use in my project (loooking at https://github.com/onehippo-forge/content-export-import/releases ).

Is v1.3.3 still the correct version to use in Hippo v11.2.x ?

See the compatibility table in the release notes:

So, yes, v1.3.3 is the latest one for v11.x.


perfect - didn’t see the release-notes. Thanks!