How can I install Bloomreach CMS (Experience Manager) on SunOS?

Though, I’ve been able to do it with Ubuntu already ( With docker ), but need this for Sun OS.

As there’s no support of Docker on Sun OS, So I wanted to know if there’s another way of installation for this.

Help is required here as I have no clue on this.

You don’t need docker to run brxm. However, SunOS is not an officially supported platform. This does not mean it won’t work, it means we don’t test on that platform and can promise no fix or even investigation of any issue that relates to that plaftorm. Disclaimer aside, with maven and cargo you can start the project locally. If not, you can install a local tomcat and database.

Basically, install tomcat and your favorite rdbms (I suggest mysql as it is the most commonly used). Create a distribution and deploy it to your tomcat. How to confugire is documented.

These pages may be relevant.

Thanks a lot for your time. I’ll be reaching out to you for any further assistance.

Sushil K Sharma.