How to Deploy a BrXM v14 React SPA?


We have been developing our Enterprise Bloomreach Experience Manager project using React for the SPA (I used Create-React-App, similar to how the demos do).

We arrived at a point where we wanted to deploy our project to Bloomreach Cloud but were told that Bloomreach Cloud does not yet support SPA’s on their platform.

Does anyone here happen to have experience deploying their React SPA to a different platform (such as AWS or Azure) and getting it to work with the CMS that’s deployed separately on Bloomreach Cloud?

I’m looking for tips or best practices on how to get this to work and I’m open to suggestions as well! Thanks for all of your help.

An SPA application is external to the BRXM application. You make calls from the SPA to the cms. It doesn’t matter for BRXM how or where this is hosted.