How can I install with B2C Commerce Accelerator


I am curious to find how I can install UI component development tool like with my Bloomreach B2C commerce accelerator. Storybook requires to know what type of project we are installing it with. I tried installing it in the root folder, inside the webfiles folder and many others but storybook is not able to detect the type of project.

Storybook is really a powerful tool for UI devs and designers and will definitely help to visualise and building atomic UI components easily.

Could someone give it a try?

Any help will be appreciated!

Please make sure you put the files under the repository-data/webfiles/src/main/resources/site/ folder in your project source. [1]
And make sure you (a) set all file types to be included as webfile resources through Included Files configuration, and (b) increase the Maximum Web File Size Limit if any of your files exceeds the default size limit. [2]
Finally, you need to add the related file types to the Whitelist if the files are supposed to be accessed and loaded by the browser. [3]



Hi Ravinder,

Just to let you know that from brXM v14.3 we have released the brX GraphQL Service which combines the APIs from Bloomreach’s Search and Merchandising and commerce platforms into one single GraphQL schema for headless front-end development. This is an evolution of our B2C Commerce Accelerator covering the same use cases and currently supporting commercetools and SAP OOTB. You can find more information on our documentation: Introduction to brX GraphQL Service

Technical Product Manager