How to access unpublished data from rest calls

Once user modified/updated data in content using , we click on save so after saving the data

But when i access http://localhost:8080/site/api/documents
I am not able to see the updated JSON until i did published

Is their any why we can do Achieve this?

Steps i tried so far in my local:

  1. Created Beans using bean writer in essentials.
  2. Created Rest Full service for the Bean
  3. When i use the URl
  4. from here i can modify any thing to achieve?
    below http://localhost:8080/site/api-manual/myexample/

I am getting console logs in my rest controller.
which is created at

This seems to be just right, publishing makes content available for live site or REST output.

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Regards, Jeroen

I am tryin g to achieve folder level rest API access

Example below api calls should return JSON as response.

You could add a new mount which you call api-preview for example, this mount needs the property hst:type=preview and then you can access all unpublished data over this endpoint. For example when your live content is visible over http://localhost:8080/site/api/documents you can now access your preview content over http://localhost:8080/site/api-preview/documents

Hope this helps!

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Thanks Jesper it worked Steps What i did.

  1. I verified the http://localhost:8080/site/api/documents and able to see the published content only.

  2. I did went to hst:myprpject=>hst:hosts => dev-localhost => hst:root => copied the node for current api then crated new node with name api-preview and added property hst:type as preview

  3. then I verified the http://localhost:8080/site/api-preview/documents
    i am able to see the unpublished data.:smiley:

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it works when i access able to see all documents.
once i click data it is not working it giving empty {}

When i click on http://localhost:8080/site/api-preview/documents/83fd1f43-0567-4cc3-b01b-6adb3cdc1c37
it is empty is their any way to handle child’s