Preview unpublished documents


Is it possible to view unpublished documents via the browser with some URL rather than using the preview in CMS itself?



you can preview the site “outside" the CMS by using the _cmsinternal service, like this

For some technical reasons for the first time you can “access” to the preview site only via CMS: but after that first time you can just hit the _cmsinternal resource directly.

To do so:

  1. Login to the cms (e.g.
  2. Click the Channel perspective on the left
  3. On the top right, click on list view (three bullets icon)
  4. In the url column of each channel you will find two links: the live url and the preview link
  5. If you click on the preview link you will be redirected to the _cmsinternal url

In order to visit the unpublished documents, you can try to reach this document via the site itself (using the search maybe) or by guessing the document url: you can do this mainly looking at the HST sitemap definition.


You can create preview mount, see:

Just set hst:type to preview instead of live so you can have something like: (live) (preview)
You can use any name for your mount, doesn’t need to be preview.