How to add validation for file upload in HIPPO CMS

Hi Guys,

is there way to prevent or validate weather file name contains space or not while uploading file in hippo cms ?

we want to validate file name and show some error message to the user in hippo…

kindly let me know the way to do it in hippo

thanks in advance

Not ootb. You could probably override the classes involved.

Look here:

This is not a supported extension point. So you are own if an upgrade breaks your validation.

Or you can file an improvement request in our Jira, but I can’t give any guarantees on whether it would be accepted or any timescale on when it would be implemented if it was.

thanks for your response Jasper…

It’s possible to extend the FileUploadField, and have this custom field use a custom model which can take care of the validation. If desired, the custom field could also use a custom FileuploadFieldPropertiesPanel.

public class MyFileUploadField extends FileUploadField {
	public Class<? extends AbstractFieldModel> getModel() {
		return MyFileuploadFieldModel.class;

	public Class<? extends AbstractFieldPropertiesPanel> getPropertiesPanel() {
		return MyFileuploadFieldPropertiesPanel.class;

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Thanks for your time and reply.

apologies for late reply.