How to Change backend Database of Bloomreach

Hi All,
I want H2 database of HippoCMS or Bloomreach Experience Manager to be replaced by any NoSQL database. Is it possible ? If yes please provide me the steps.

Laxmi Turamalla

Find the info from the “Database Servers” sections in this page:

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there is no support for NoSQL databases.

Can we post data Through API calls which generates JSON docs. I will load those doc’s in NoSQL database.

see: Expose RESTful Web Services: Overview - Bloomreach Experience - Open Source CMS

So there there are SPA’s available. We can use Angular or React with it and get the JSON objects right or we can use MySQL as backend and write an automation code to migrate the data to NoSQL database.

if you invest 30 minutes of your time you can find all that information on our documentation site.

Ok @machak I will go through it. One more thing since it’s an open source CMS we can customize it according to our needs right??

Laxmi Turamalla
â‚ąinfocorp services

it is partially open source, see:

Community plugins:
and some more OS projects: