Use Oracle as database

I configure my bloomreach to use oracle as database. I read Configure Bloomreach Experience Manager for your Database Server and Configure Bloomreach Experience Manager for Oracle database and configure the context and repository like examples. The document properly save in oracle tables but the document type save as yaml file in cms\repository-data\application\src\main\resources\hcm-config\namespaces\cms directory. How can I tell bloomreach to record all the data and settings in Oracle? If there isn’t any way for this, which data and setting store in file?

What is happening with the yaml file is autoexport [1]. Autoexport is activated by the cargo profile and should only run on a local deployment. Data still ends up in the database, but it is also exported to your project. This allows developers to make changes they don’t have to manually put back in the project. These changes will become part of the deployment so that they can be migrated to other environments. For content this may or may not be desirable. You can configure paths in autoexport so take a look at that. You can also move data to the development module which shouldn’t be included in build without development data.


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