How to configure re-write rules


I’m following this tutorial and running the docker image on a Mac ( and I’m trying to configure the re-write rules. I have ended up on this page however, it’s not clear to me how and where I put the re-write rule. I see why they exist but I don’t understand where I add it. I am on this page http://localhost:8080/cms/console/?1&path=/hippo:configuration/hippo:modules/urlrewriter/hippo:moduleconfig so I’m assuming that the URL re-writer plugin is installed and I’m in the right place but I’m not sure as to the next step.

Can someone help please?


Once in document perspective (content), there should be a drop-down where you can choose to switch to images, assets. UrlRewriter should be listed in that drop-down if installed correctly. (top left corner of the perspective)

Thank you for that. Once I’d understood what you meant from the document perspective, i.e. going into the CMS as an admin user and navigating to the content (and it’s obvious now what you meant) I have found where I need to go.

I’ve put in a suggested update to the documentation because I never would have thought to go there for the re-write rules.