How to create dynamic menu

Hi Team,
I want to make my Navigation Menu and Sub menu Dynamic .

All menu i want to make it Dynamic what ever you can see in attachment .
Please provide some solution ASAP.

Thanks & Regards
Alok kumar

How about manage menus in the Channel Manager [1], render them though a component [2]?
Cheers, Jeroen


Hi jeroen,

 Thanks for quick response, we are expecting menus configuration based on back-end like Big Commerce, Elasticpath and etc.,  Based on back-end response we need to change the menus dynamically. Is it possible through Bloomreach without Channel Manager? If it is possible, please suggest the better approach.


Hi Alok,

It sounds like you want the menu to be dynamically generated through your commerce backend, implying that you don’t want it manageable through brXm. This would mean that you don’t need the menu component, but instead just a component that retrieves said menu from your backend.

I’d suggest reading up on this types of integrations. A starting point would be:

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