Dynamically generate component parameters when creating Dynamic Component

Hello, I’m fairly new to this platform and have been following the guide shown here:

Not sure if my question is clear, but I’ll try my best. I know it’s possible to make it so that a dropdown for example could have dynamic values using a separate value list, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to generate the parameters themselves from a value list. For example, create a value list that contains a list of labels as keys and the valuetype as the value. Then on the component dynamic parameters are added based on that list.

Would that be something able to be done through the Bloomreach Console that automatically generates .yaml files? Or could it be done in the doBeforeRender method somehow?


Just ootb that wouldn’t be possible. I think you’d generally have to create a new dynamic component each time, which doesn’t sound like a good idea. Not quite sure what you are trying to achieve, but perhaps you point to a document that has more flexibility.

Ah ok, I figured it wouldn’t be possible. I’m trying to basically see if I can make a configuration only experience without the need for a separate document, basically have full configuration from the Experience Manager (eg. UI-only component with no content that can be configured with different styling properties).

Thanks for the response though!