How to get HstRequest object in cms module

I am trying to work on creating report and am using the cms module of project for that. I need the HstRequest object which I can get it through the Component’s doBeforeRender() But as I am not using component I am not getting HstRequest object. But is there any way to get HstRequest object?
I have object of UserSession available. I am accessing hst:pages in the console but by using User sessions. Actually I want to build sitemap urls using HstLinkCreator which will require the HstRequest object.
Is there any other way of building the sitemap urls?


Hi Priyanka,

I imagine you want to implement some views containing delivery tier URLs and other data.
If so, why don’t you simply implement it in HST components/templates in site webapp, perhaps as a separate mount or channel, and just Iframe it in a separate perspective by using this forge module: