How to link one Document to another Document?

Hi All,

I have a document with one video url created and would like the same settings of that document to be referenced by another document but this new document should have more than one video url.
I would like to know if docbase property would solve it? or is there any other way I can do this?
Thank You in advance!

Hey Annej,

Apologies for the delayed answer to your question. Someone may stumble on this question later so I found it apt to respond.

There are many ways to achieve what you are asking. Which you chose will depend on your use case.

Let’s call the existing document with a video URL “document A” and the new document we’re creating “document B.”

Option 1:
Document B may use the “Link” field which will link an existing content document of type A to document B.
This is especially good if document A is primarily focused on single videos such as a “Video” document type containing all of the metadata and content related to that single video. You may then make the link field multiple on document B to allow as many documents of type A as you wish. The biggest benefit of this option is the ability to reuse the content documents of type A as many times as you wish while maintaining a single source of truth.

Option 2:
Document A can instead be made into a compound type. You may then add that compound type to Document B.
In using a compound type, you make it easier for the content editor to create their content. They no longer have to create a separate document of type A in order to get the content onto document B. Instead, they may choose to fill out the compound type’s field. While this is easier for the content author for brand new content, it does remove the benefit of Option 1 of content reusability. The content defined in compound types of documents is tied to that document only. If you want to reuse that content, the entire document B must be reused.

Option 3:
Simply add the video URL field to document B without relation to document A.
Just because the fields are similar does not mean that the content must be linked together. Consider a Banner document that contains an image and a CTA. There may be another type of Banner that also uses an image and CTA but additionally requires a text overlay. The fields may be similar between the types of banners but they are used in different criteria and don’t require reusability.