Resource field type to point existing documents/assets


I have created a document type where i have added resource field type to upload documents. But whenever i click to upload files it is directly pointing to my system files there is no option to select existing documents/assests. and i have tried with Link type but it is only pointing to existing documents/assets there is no option to select files from system.
Could you please let me know how could i achieve this?

Arun Bandi

If you have documents that you need to upload you can add them to the resources folder. Then you can use link to create a reference from a document to a resource. Sometimes it is preferable to have the resource directly in the cms document. Then you add a resource type. When you upload a document as a document resource it is not in the assets folder but directly a member of the document. The advantage is that the resource now has the same workflow as the document. Also, is directly available on the document view. If it needs to be shared among multiple documents, then you should upload it to resources. This is less direct than doing it from the document but better for reuse. There is no way to directly upload to the assets folder from a document.

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