How to point resource field to internal(cms) resources

Hi All,

I have added a field type – Resource – in document type, and while creating a document when i click on choose file it’s pointing to file explorer(system resources). How can i change it to point cms resources(existing docs in cms).

Arun Bandi

You can’t. Resource field is used to store a file, use Link instead.

Thank you for your response @machak .

If i use Link then how could i generate downloadable link on UI(using ftl).

for Resource using below statement.
< var=“link” hippobean=doc.resourcelink fullyQualified=true/>

above statement is not working for Link.

if your link is properly mapped (please read about HST sitemap documentation),
it should be created.

Thank you @machak, it’s working, we have to choose documents from Assets.