Internationaliziation of CMS

I am wondering if there would be any way to trasnlate boundles of CMS to an unsupoorted langauges such as Arabic or Persian.

I mean, I would like to be able to add some other languages to the combo in following page:

and see next pages have translated in those languages.
Thank you in advance


it’s possible, but not trivial. See [1]. With right to left language you have extra issues since the layout doesn’t take that into account. I don’t know what the impact of that will be.


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Hello again,
First of all, thank you for your quick answer, it helped though additionally, I had to modify some jar files. I have been working all these days on it and some success has been achieved. I can solve right-to-left problems and also some translations has been done but in order to translate the whole CMS I need some source codes of jar files which I could not find them anywhere because it is cumbersome to change files in jars.
My question is whether I can access to source codes of following jar files and if Yes where:

  1. hippo-cms-config-13.2.0.jar
  2. hippo-cms-api-13.2.0.jar
  3. hippo-cms-editor-repository-13.2.0.jar


The code of those JARs can be found in the tag

(see the sub-modules ‘config’, ‘api’ and ‘editor/repository’, respectively)



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Hello again,
I could translate the whole resource bundles of the project except those in designer part of channel page. Do you have any idea where they are?