Invalid project name in channel perceptive for 'Core'

Hello everyone.

I noticed that project name for master project (using English locale) shown incorrectly.

‘Noyau’ is a French translation of ‘Core’.

After some code investigation, I noticed that CMS loads projects once during first access to the application(e.g. login), translates name for master project according to the locale and stores them in memory. Then if you try to login with different locale, application retrieve projects from memory and as a result you get wrong translation for master project.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run application and login using French locale.
  2. Go to the one of the channel and verify that you have ‘Noyau’ as a master project name.
  3. Logout and login using English locale.
  4. Go to the channel and you will see ‘Noyau’ instead of ‘Core’.

Is it known issue? Does anyone know how I can deal with it?
I am using BloomReach Experience 13.0.0.


Hi Mykyta,

No this is not a known issue, so you’ve found a bug! I will file a jira ticket for this.
Unfortunately I don’t have a work-around for you at the moment.

Thanks @michiel_eggermont.

I already have a temporary fix for that. I just need to override com.onehippo.repository.wpm.project.ProjectLocalizationServiceImpl class and reset it in

Hi @michiel_eggermont !

Did you have a chance to create a jira ticket for this issue? If yes, could you share the link with me please.


Hi Mykyta,

I did and here is the link:
Please note, since Projects is an enterprise feature you will need enterprise level access to JIRA to be able to see it.