Is it possible to override css classes of "exdocpicker.css" external docpicker


We have created one compound by using External document picker.
Now we are creating another compound with External document picker, now we want to change the display of results on form.

so i am trying to override the CSS file.

could you please help us.

thanks & regards

Hi Ganesh,

The CSS file for the external document picker field plugin is picked up from classpath:/org/onehippo/forge/exdocpicker/impl/field/ExternalDocumentFieldSelectorPlugin.css [1].
classpath:/org/onehippo/forge/exdocpicker/impl/field/ExternalDocumentFieldBrowserDialog.css [2] for the dialog.
So, you can shadow the CSS file(s) in your cms application to override CSS styles.



Hi Woonsanko,

thanks for your time & reply, i will try…