javax.jcr.ReferentialIntegrityException while trying to perform save action

When I try to save a particular document i get this error

IOException: Failed to map json object to product model org.hippoecm.hst.content.beans.ObjectBeanPersistenceException: javax.jcr.ReferentialIntegrityException: 1cd363a5-dedc-450f-a448-f3b3b5301523 cannot be removed because it is still being referenced.

the uuid (1cd363a5-dedc-450f-a448-f3b3b5301523) mentioned here is of the third document
document-node_xxxx[3] —> 1cd363a5-dedc-450f-a448-f3b3b5301523

I searched everywhere for this uuid in my data to find any references of it but no luck.
But still i get a reference error.
(P.S. Only this node is having this problem)
Please help. Thanks!

You programmatically get the references through the node object.


This isn’t a common issue afaik. I found an old thread that had this problem, but it doesn’t look the same as your case:!topic/hippo-community/miakYiRr9hs