CMS Console - Error when you try to delete a node

I am really sorry, but I can’t find the same topic on this forum.

I try to delete a node, but I always see the same error comunicate

I do everything what I saw on this side. It’s still happening.

I see also that, UUID in Properties jrc:uuid does’t exist. In the database also. In repository is the same. Could You please help me?

The UUID from error’s message is UUID of parent. It’s really annoying because I can’t find this UUID anywhere, I was looking for browsing all files.

Sorry for my english. It is’t language which I use everyday.

That’s a very old thread and not likely related to your current problem. Could you include the stack trace from the log? A node only has jcr:uuid if it is mix:referenceable. That makes the property mandatory. Regardless all nodes have a uuid which is the internal reference to that node. It is sometimes exposed through jcr:uuid [1].

What kind of node are you trying to delete?

If you are getting ItemNotFoundException you may have repository or index inconsistencies. See [2] and [3].

Also, is this a local environment or a server?