Jcr tables not getting created when running bloomreach in a container

Hi, I am trying to run brxp in a container. I built single distribution, extracted it on a local tomcat and it started without any errors and was able to create database tables and indices. But when I run the brxp inside a container and try to connect to db on localhost, it is not creating the required tables. I do not see any errors in the stdout (like IO or SQL Exceptions). Tomcat was able to create the required db pool (validated by enabling verbose:class). I even installed mysql client inside the running container and was able to connect to db from command line without any issues. I am using mysql db. Is there any way I can check if the required ddl’s are loading & executing during startup?

Check the log files on the tomcat instance. If you are building a dist it is not likely that you are logging to stdout. I would guess you aren’t connecting to the db.