V13 - docker does not work with mysql


I’m trying out the new docker feature for brxm. I want to use a mysql db for the persistent storage but it does not work. I can build a docker image like it is described in the documentation.
I use a docker-compose file similar to the documentation: https://documentation.bloomreach.com/library/deployment/set-environment-specific-configuration-with-docker.html#scroll_required-environment-variablesto-run-the-image-with-a-database-in-non-development-environment.

But every time I deploy a new version of the website the content of my website is gone. Just my local content is available. What do I have to change to get it work?


The docker-compose example on that page doesn’t provide any way for the mysql data to be persisted across redeploys. This is good enough for a quick test in local development, but a real deployment would need to include some form of storage management.

Managing storage for mysql docker containers is a common problem with a number of alternative solutions, typically using docker volumes. Bloomreach doesn’t make any specific recommendations about how to do this, as it’s really a generic mysql issue and not a brXM issue.

A quick search for “mysql docker storage” will get you some good references:

You are right, but in that case I’m updating only the brxm container with the redeploys and the mysql container will be not updated at all.
Also there is no data in the mysql container. The db and the table is created but there is no data in the database. So it is no problem with volumes, but with the setup.